Most of you  would know A-levels results day was last week and by now some of our friends and loved ones are getting ready to go to university soon. So I  thought why not make a blog post for those going university. I asked some of my friends and family what advice they would give a  Christian fresher and here are some of what they said (note that most of this advice is useful to Christians returning to university too and Christians in the working world etc.):

Be open and honest about your faith and values from the very start. Don’t be ashamed!

Make God your priority! (Matthew 6:33) 

Love yourself! Not in a prideful way but love yourself so much that you won’t let people tell you anything that doesn’t align with God’s word.

Let the library be your best friend.

Don’t compromise your standards and values stand firm.

Don’t shy away in the background be brave.

Forget girls!

Work hard in your first year  for reasons such as placement year, year abroad , internship, you can enjoy your summer because you got a good grade etc.

Focus on what matters university goes by very quickly .Don’t waste your time trying to be well known and popular …be yourself!

Don’t go university looking for husband or bae  focus on developing yourself.

SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! Be wise with your money. Make the most of what you have. No.. you don’t need those new heels.

Enjoy the process while remaining true to yourself. What you sow, you reap.

Dare to be different. Don’t let freedom get to your head.

Don’t let university turn you into someone you can longer recognize in the mirror.

No matter how stressed you are, remember no pain no gain.

Youtube , Wilko and IKEA are your best friends. Watch uni hauls, room tours and first year experiences. 

Have a right / positive perspective on things and issues.

Learn to say NO! Protect your peace and joy.

You have your own space now so use it wisely.

Don’t get lost in the ‘uni culture’ stay anchored in your beliefs. 

Write a list of things of things  you want to achieve and stick it on your wall eg. learn a new language

Make good use of your time, Time is money! 

Buy your toiletries in bulk and in advance especially tissue (you will learn how important tissue is lol)

Don’t be afraid if you aren’t hitting firsts straight away or even making mistakes . It’s a  new  course and it can be hard but you will get there .

If you make a mistake learn from it and move on.  You are not a failure !

Work hard, play hard. With good time management you can be active in university (sports clubs, societies etc.), gain work experience and finish well

Join a good society!

Build a firm foundation with God and also create a focus in your mind of what you expect within your academic year. Remember to rest on that foundation throughout the year because you are going to get a lot of difficulty thrown at you.

Be firm in your identity,so draw a line and stick to it.

Find a good church. Get in touch with  fellow Christians and stay on  track with the Lord.

Be integral, work smart and make necessary.

Endeavor to hang out with people from different cultures. It will expand your world view.

If you have an opportunity to pick a optional  module pick something you are interested in but also think you can do well in  so its doesn’t give you too much of a headache.

Know who you are! Know that grades, clothes etc don’t define you. Be confident in the awesomeness that you are and slay life.

Be true to who you are. Pick your friends wisely but most importantly enjoy the experience.

Remember God is watching you even if your parents are not !

Budgeting is the way forward. So you know how much you spend each week or month.

Always try to meet your deadlines. The sooner it’s done the better ! Do not procrastinate.

Have fun and make memories.

No matter what the circumstances were with A-levels, clear or success etc. University is a new chapter. You can succeed and do your best as long as you put in the effort.

Whatever you do never lose sight of who God says you are. Don’t become more focused on what others think about you than what God’s impression of you is .

If you are going university only to get a degree you are going for the wrong reasons. You are going to learn much more. Make sure you grow up and mature. University forces you into a bubble that you must burst by the end!

I hope this was useful, remember to refer back to this during the year if you forget anything .God be with you  and thank you to everyone who contributed. 





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