Stay away from ‘they’ as Dj Khaled would say. In this post ‘they’ is negative thoughts and emotions . I am sure everyone deals with negative thoughts sometimes. But I think it’s about time we have control over them .

I was in my room thinking as I normally do and negative thoughts started to creep up in my mind. Thoughts that I thought I dealt with were suddenly inviting themselves back in. Now normally the old Daniella would let these thoughts take over. I would start to play sad music and just get led by these emotions. But today I decided  not to. So I got up ,picked up my journal and wrote a letter to God. I do this all the time so it’s normal for me. But this time I was just honest and transparent with God (which we all should be). I told him how I was feeling, why I was feeling that way and wrote a little prayer. After writing in my journal I felt a little better. But then the temptation to crawl back in my bed and feel sorry for my self was still there. But the thing is I had a CHOICE. Nothing can control me and make feel some type of way unless I let it. So I decided to take a walk to the lakeside ( where I am now).

It’s weird because I feel a lot better and now I know why. I made sure I didn’t entertain these negative thoughts. Our minds are so precious and we need to guard it well. We wouldn’t let anything or anyone just walk into our house right? It’s the same with our hearts and minds, we need to guard it well! What I have learnt in church recently, is that the evil one wants to control our mind. Once he has that he basically has our whole life. We become his muppets. We must remember everything we do starts of with a thought. It’s a domino affect. If your mind is negative ,your actions will just be negative too.

So what I am trying to say, don’t take negative thoughts and mood swings lightly. It can be the start of something bad in your life or you can choose to kill it through prayer and renewing your mind  before it has a chance to manifest in your life and do damage. This was a very spontaneous post but I hope it helped someone. Stay blessed

A wise guy once said don’t be led by your emotions. It’s dangerous, it’s like letting a baby fly an aeroplane

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