So if you read my post titled ‘I AM FREE’ a few months ago you would have guessed  I wasn’t really happy with my overall university grade. I didn’t fail but I thought I was a failure. But last week I was sent a letter that brought me to tears.

I was sent a letter from my old university basically saying the Board of Examiners had another meeting in January 2017 (that I was completely unaware of) and discussed my case. They came to a decision to change my grade considering I was diagnosed with a learning difficulty late into my degree. They apologized and said they will send me a new certificate in the post straight away.

MAD MAD MAD ! I am still in shock, nearly half a year after graduating my grade gets changed just like that. I didn’t have to plead, beg, appeal , send long emails or anything. God turned it around for me justttttt like that. Thinking back  to when I first found out about my learning difficulty I was so confused. I found out a week before I was handing in the dissertation. Less than two months until my exams?! I questioned God ….’after all these years of education why now? What am I supposed to do with this report? Really God?’.

But little did I know it had it all figured out. The perfect plan, the perfect time, he is perfect in all of his ways. This is what  I needed to finish off my beautiful university story with a bang. I remember one random day I spoke out in faith  that I was going to have a testimony by the end of my degree not really knowing what I was saying or how it would happen to be honest. But it is here now and I wouldn’t have asked for it any other way. God you are just too good to me.

God always tells me

Don’t lean on your own understanding

Sometimes I find myself doubting

But he showed me once again

I am the author , so leave me with the pen

4 thoughts on “It turned around for me

  1. Talk about testimony! What a beautiful ending to the beginning of an incredible story of your life! I love that, ‘I am the author so leave me with the pen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you girl!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. God will continue to fix things up for you. He will always calm the storm and bind the rain.Continue and never loose the vision of Jesus. He is with you always.
    You are loved and cherished Daniella.

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