When cooking we- as mature and sane minded humans, understand the importance and detrimental repercussions from interrupting the process of a cooked meal. Furthermore we grasp what happens when partaking of it before it’s time; we can understand the foolish decision of believing it was worth the danger in comparison to just waiting a few minutes more. This is the said same result and danger resulting in hard lessons learnt when allowing impatience to blind your ability to wait for something that was coming anyway!

Waiting is not an option it’s a call, we have all been called to wait. To wait in righteousness, to wait on the Lord and to wait upon rapture. But what validates us in this wait is our promise and Faith of such a thing becoming manifested. When Christ returns in Revelations it states “WILL HE FIND FAITH!”. If we do not and cannot put our own beliefs or will away concerning time, we will never be able to subject our relationship on the foundation of “it was God who formed it and directs it”; as we know full well “It was US who forced it and lusted for it”. And nothing without Gods hand will stand. So why create your own ticking time bomb in hope of a cuddle, kiss or self-affirmation to your peers.

You will only defer your own hope which the bible states “makes the heart sick” and leave yourself in a self-dug hole of: pity, disappointment and anger, confessing gender genocide against Gods sons stating all men are Dogs or liars! But who told you all men were your Husband or there to be pick or mixed amongst. The selection of a husband is as surgical and precise as when God: first took woman out of man and formed her from a specific part of the body, at a specific time and was revealed at his specific moment with the right setting. Why is waiting important? Because it’s the substance which guards you from forfeiting your birth right.

Alaina Thomas 

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