To wait is to hope, to hope is to be still and to be still is to work in the means of your boundaries. No extras or fanatics, tricks or add-ons just working within your grounds and working well. As a woman we mostly are called to wait as we reflect the church and Man reflects Christ (Ephesians 5:25). We must know what it is to be pursued and formed by Gods hands first before being presented. However, this as people is hard to accept especially growing in a generation when more is always asked of you and the more you have or give the more you are.

So now, when God asks for you to be just you and within the lines of his Intentions we as goal getting young people (and even more mature adults), cannot comprehend how that will gain us anything yet alone attract a partner. We want what we want and forget to question if what we want is in line of what is written. God, throughout scripture, states he has a plan for us and an expected end; a hope with each step laid out. What makes us think he hasn’t pondered on the Who to come? A partner isn’t a cuddle buddy but someone I will become one with! Total submission and synergy; have you ever wondered why some married couples never see eye to eye or always go different ways but come together for intimacy or comfort? Maybe they are not compatible but attracted and due to the lusts of wanting a partner their love lies in attraction alone and never journeys into purpose but comfort. Their lives are forever joined and journeying together reluctantly and arguably without joy but contentment, all because they never waited to get what is divinely theirs. Can you find a partner without God? Yes. But can you live joyful and purposely at your full potential knowing true love without Gods Best? Surely Not. See below some answers to why waiting is hard:

I’ve been waiting too long

I want a child before I’m 30

I think it’s time for me to have a man, everything else in my life is stable.

I know I’m a good person who deserves him

Everyone else is getting married

My family says..

I’ve been with him for ages. I think he knows me.

I have a ministry so I need a pastor husband to match me.

All these statements I’ve heard before and they amaze me how people cannot see that the sole reason they desire marriage and partnership is themselves! Anything self-seeking is of the enemy and will only end and grow with the enemy. All your life decisions- especially when conjoining blood, legacy and purpose with another, should be from the fear of God. Fear as in to reverence him and put him first. I did not allow my husband to pursue and know me then later engage in courtship on the basis of my wants or ideas; but on timing, spirit aided patience and Gods word.

Alaina Thomas

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