So it’s been about a year and half since I shared my testimony about molestation  and pornography .A lot of people reached out to me  both girls and boys saying that they struggled with the same and some still struggling. I received anonymous email a few months ago and it reminded me why I started this blog.

A few weeks ago God really laid on my heart a few things he wanted me to share on this blog concerning this issue (abuse, pornography, lust etc). It’s not topics I personally enjoy talking but it’s needed. So there will a few more posts coming out 

Last week or so I was watching a teaching called ‘The White Elephant’ by Dr Matthews Stevenson (check it out on youtube -it’s amazing). He said a lot about the porn industry. Some of these things I knew already from when my church had a series  on Lust. I also searched up a few things. So these are things to know about porn (basically what they don’t tell you or what you don’t see):

  • First, if you have ever watched porn let me just tell you now it’s a LIE. Most of these people are acting. If you think sex is going to be like that you are wrong …and you are probably going to go into a relationship expecting too much from your partner.
  • Plus, most of these people are on drugs so they can perform these acts again and again to make as many videos as they can and ultimately make a lot money. They are not making love… i repeat they are NOT making love. Love is no where near this!!
  • Some of these people are sex slaves. So they are hardly getting any money from these videos. Instead they are being abused and even raped in this scenes that some may find entertaining (I know sick right?!). So by watching these videos people are  actually encouraging the abuse…(plus some of these girls are not 18 yet but are made to look older).
  • Soul ties are real and people watching porn can form soul ties with these people. The worst thing is that they don’t actually know them personally but can end up struggling with the same things they are struggling with ….SOUL TIE!!!
  • Majority of the people being watched are probably victims of rejection, child abuse , neglect, poverty, insecurities,  and so much more. They never had dreams of being porn stars but I guess they felt this is the only thing they can do. However,  deep down inside they are crying for help and someone to save them from this lifestyle.

What you need to understand is lust has no control and no boundaries. Lust doesn’t matter who it hurts. When a person is bound by lust they don’t even think straight. They think about them self .God created people in his image, but instead people who watch porn view them as something that meets their fleshly desires and lustful dreams (not people). 

I know this blog is a bit much and no one has probably ever told you all of these thing before. However, if you or loved one continues to watch such, you are basically just as bad as the sex traffickers. No one can say they are a child of God but be comfortable watching such. It’s time to wake up and come out of bondage.


One thought on “Behind the scenes

  1. Wow! Amen! I loved how you brought up the fact of soul ties and how real this thing is! And how if we watch this we are not better than these sex traffickers! Very insightful and I’m ready for more! Bless you sis!


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