This is a very very spontaneous post but Mastering Transparency is like my public online diary anyways. So here it goes… Yesterday I was annoyed because I planned my day I was supposed to pray with a friend, bible study, go over what I learnt from church, work on a few blog posts, job search and other stuff. I had a whole to-do list and I didn’t do it (ironic right?). I didn’t do it because I had to help my family with stuff and it took longer than I expected.  I am the oldest in the house so I am the personal assistant, hairdresser, IT technician, tutor, cleaner, cook (lol)…. basically a typical African house girl.

I didn’t get time to do what I wanted and felt like I needed to do for God. I got overwhelmed with emotions and I starting wishing I had my own place so I can focus on my self and God. But then I got even more overwhelmed because I was thinking ‘mate don’t even have a decent job yet …so how can I even dream of my own place’. I just ended up being frustrated with my current situation ,forgetting God told me a few months ago to be ‘still and know that I am God‘ (Psalms 46:10)

I really thought my family was preventing  me from doing God’s will (I know a bit deep but yesterday I was just in my emotions). However, when I spoke to a few friends they didn’t encourage me to be in my feelings (THANK GOD FOR GOOD FRIENDS!!). They gave me practical solutions which I want to share with you guys:

-Going to the library/ cafes to do some work there

-Waking up extra early before the family are awake to bible study and pray

-Talking to your family about the way you are feeling, not assuming they know

-Praying about your current situation because God may be using your family to train you for your next season

Now I am not in my feelings as much and I have reflected. I have realised I can’t wish to be somewhere else. Right now I am living with my family. I need them as much as they need me. If I am passionate about my blogging and other things I just have to make time for it. Even if I have to sacrifice my sleep and food so be it. I have to be harsh with my flesh if I truly want to seek after his kingdom and work for him. This is a message for any one that feels they don’t have enough the time to do what God is calling them to do such as youtube videos, blogs/vlogs, singing, dancing, spoken word, evangelizing etc. you do have time. God knows your current situation. You just need more discipline, time management, master the art of prioritizing and also flexibility. God will help you (Psalms 121:2).

There is a reason for this season

God knows the what, why and how

All you need to do is bow  

Don’t wish your life away 

For he has already paved the way 




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