I need help…. something God has been teaching me this year. I can’t do everything on my own. For a long time, I have been used to trying to fix things on my own. I think it’s due to a number of reasons.

First, I would say it’s because I am a firstborn. As a first born, you are a leader and often a third parent to your younger siblings. I am a hairdresser, IT technician, babysitter and so much more. I am constantly problem-solving, serving my family and doing things around the house so I thought I can fix anything if I put my mind to it.

Second, I am scared of rejection. Yes, scared… I don’t want someone to let me down so I try fix the situation myself. I don’t want someone to say ‘Yeah sure I will help you with this..’ then end up not fulfilling their promise.

Third, I think (or should I say I thought…) I was a little Boss. Miss Independent. Miss I don’t need anyone to help me. Miss Leave me alone so I can live my life.

But you know when you have your own way of doing things, God just messes it up (in a good way). So this year my bank account has been crying out for help. This postgraduate life has been interesting. I have been looking for a permanent job for a few months now. At the start of my job search, I was doing the usual. On the laptop every day sending out CV’s, looking out for potential jobs etc. I went to a few interviews but didn’t get the jobs. I became demotivated and started to question God about my career path. In the process of looking for jobs, I went to my local job centre. I ain’t going to lie. I had to really humble myself to go in there. Anyways I got a job coach and she started asking me about the jobs I wanted and my qualifications. At first, she was a bit confused why I wanted to pursue a potential career working with children and young people when I have a science degree. In my head, I was already thinking’ Yeah I shouldn’t have come here…sigh how is this lady going to help when she doesn’t understand me’. But I eventually explained my passion behind working with rejected children and she kind of understood where I was coming from. Emphasis on the ‘kind of’.

Moving on, so  I had regular meetings with her sorting out my CV, cover letter and all that good stuff. I had another a meeting with her this week we looked at a few jobs. I applied to them… and let’s just say by the time you are reading this I would have started working. I thank God for coming through. But I couldn’t have done it without help. In a society where we are encouraged to hustle, grind, work hard etc. Sometimes can forget that you still need help. You can get to the top (where ever that place is) easier and more effectively by the people you know. In professional terms, it’s called NETWORKING.

People need people.  We are not made to live life alone. You can’t be Superwoman or Superman. You need help. You need your family (even if they are annoying). You need your friends (good friends that can build you up). You need a healthy church (a church that you can grow in). Most importantly you need God. God places people around you to help you. So don’t reject the help. If you are not receiving the help you need, go look for it.  Asking for help is not a weakness, it’s a strength.

Don’t be a fool, you will eventually run out of fuel

You are not a little robot

Instead of you losing the plot

Just humble yourself 

You can’t reach that top shelf

So just ask for help 







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