I am sure you have heard these lyrics before. If you haven’t it’s from the song Bump and Grind by R-Kelly. I wouldn’t encourage you to go listen to it for many reasons. 

Anyways, I got asked if music can affect the way you think and ultimately make you lustful. If you are still thinking of the answer I will just give it to you now. 

The answer is a big fat YES. Others maybe disagree but they are playing themselves (LOL). Music has a lot of power to change your mood or help you dwell on specific thoughts. Who sings Adele’s songs when they are happy?! Look at how trap music makes people act… it’s mad!! 

Songs (and music videos) carry messages. Messages that can affect the way you think and eventually the way you live. If you are trying to live a holy and pure life listening to songs about sex (and sexual acts, love outside marriage etc.) will not help you for sure. I remember back in the day I used to listen to a whole lot of lustful songs because I was bound by it. One of faves was Chris Brown – Take you down (another song I wouldn’t recommend you to listen to). Songs like these explicitly talk about sex, it’s basically like watching porn. Looking back songs like these just encouraged me to think lustfully without me even knowing. 

Prevention is better than cure (as they say). Why would you entertain music that does more harm than good when you can just avoid it. This is one of the reasons why I had to make a decision not to be going to everyday party, event, rave etc. because I am not in control of the DJ’s playlist. Sometimes yeah the flesh is weak but you still have control. So clean out your playlist if you haven’t already. If you are not sure of songs that need deleting, print the lyrics out and see if your mum or pastor will like them (LOL). Thank me later! 

Don’t listen to your body 

Don’t even listen to your mind 

Unless your mind is set on the things of above 

Listen to the Holy Spirit ! 

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