So I am not going to lie before having counselling I thought counselling was only for people with serious life problems. Like someone that recently lost a loved one or someone with a severe mental issue. (I know very ignorant of me.. sorry). Thank God I don’t think like that any more!

My church has a really good counselling team so after a lot of thought and consideration and also speaking to others .I went to go speak to one of the counsellors. This was the best decision I could have ever made (apart from being a child of God) . I learnt a lot about myself and how what I have been through has shaped me. There was still some residue.  I thought I was fine but I was actually not and I needed someone to help me know that. Having Christian counselling was a real plus because I was also given advice to help me with my faith. 

It was literally a breath of fresh air to talk to someone I wasn’t close with but I felt free to talk to them without judgment. Some conversations were harder than others but it was needed. But I was never forced to say anything I didnt want to. It was just so beautiful. 

I would recommend everyone to have some sort of counselling to be honest, especially if you have been through situations that are hard to talk about but you know they have affected you negatively. A lot of people have  read my first few posts about molestation  and pornography and reached out to me saying they have been through the same. Counselling is must for you I wish I said earlier but at least I am telling you now. Counselling doesn’t make you weak, it actually makes you stronger.

 I saw a quote that said “ If you ignore your feelings, they will get your attention in other ways”. It’s true, if you don’t deal with your feelings or experiences correctly it often shows up in your future relationships. Some people turn to things to help them cover up the feelings like alcohol, drugs, sex, food and money which just becomes a endless addiction. Don’t be that person!

Explore the different options such as online counselling, face to face counselling , Christian counselling, non- Christian counselling etc. There are lots of websites to check out. You can also check if your local church has a counselling team or you can ask around. But please do think carefully about it. Pray about it and take a bold step to aid your healing process. 

What happens to you may not be your fault, but who are is your responsibility – Apostle Elijah Israel Chanak

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