For a while I was thinking about starting a blog. I knew what I wanted  my first few posts to be about but the fear of not being the best at writing and what people would think about my posts stopped me. But I thank God he gave me the courage to start it in February 2016.

When I shared my personal testimony the feedback I got was mad. You don’t really know what people are going through, even your friends  until you speak about it. Ever since then I wanted to share more about my personal struggles to help others (plus it was helping me too).  I want to help people I may or may not know stop feeling ashamed of their stories/testimonies and encourage people to talk about issues they are going through. After all, a problem shared is a problem half solved right ? A wise man said to me ‘We are delivered to deliver’. Your story is personal but shouldn’t remain private especially if it can help someone else dealing with the same problem. I have learnt to let everything, whether positive or negative shape me into  beautiful person. I love love  love this quote by Oprah –‘Turn your wounds to wisdom’.  Since starting this blog I have seen a change in me. I have become much more selfless and open. It’s beautiful.

I want this blog to be a place where transparent stories, testimonies, life lessons, inspirational messages and advice is shared by not only myself but others too. The ultimate aim is to help the beautiful people reading Mastering Transparency to actually Master Transparency.  Keep an eye out for new blog posts (usually on Thursdays).

If you have any testimonies, stories, life lessons etc. that you would like to share email:

I give my self away so you can use me